Eight years, five months, three days, two hours, one minute and one second ago, an event occurred that changed the world as we know it. In the blink of an eye the screen of reality glitched, and the humans saw the lines of code that ran the world, saw the stats and numbers and tags that had been hidden from them for so long.

For the first time, mankind could access their character sheets, they could see their experience and life bars, and they realized how discrete the rules of reality really were. They realized they could game it, that it was a game.

The humans called it “The Phenomenon.” The glytches called it an opportunity. The world core called it her birthday. But for Keegan Wright, a nobody in his dead-end job, it was just another way to measure how much of a loser he really was. He had no clue that his world was about to change, just as drastically as the world around him had.

Chapter 1 – Initialize()

Chapter 2 – README.txt

Chapter 3 – Unable To Connect

Chapter 4 – Warning: File Corruption

What is Beta Key?

Beta Key is a new book by Malcolm Hemmings, author of Twisted Cogs and Orbital Academy. Set in our world-turned-virtual-reality, it details the adventures of a group of nobodies and their journey from losers to heroes. The estimated release date for Beta Key is late-2017.

Read it as an eBook

Beta Key is scheduled for release in late-2017. If you love Beta Key, you can purchase the completed book when it comes out! Be sure to keep an eye on this space for news of its release!


20 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Oh dear! Sorry about that, I’m still trying to get a handle on how best to have the feed sent out…normally the feed should send out every night, but it looks like the system I used had some problems!

    You should be receiving your welcome email and chapter 4 right now, and I apologize for the delay!


  2. Hey, just donated for the rest of the chapters. I was just wondering when I get the email with the other links, is it just sent out once a day for any new people?

    Also wanted to say I’m loving all the work and can’t wait for more releases!


    1. Hi there!

      Yes that’s exactly right, every evening the welcome email is sent out to any new donators who signed up that day, containing the latest chapter and the total work to-date.

      It’s still a rather rough system, since I’m handling all of the transactions by hand and thus cannot send things out while I’m at my day job. I’m hoping in the future to set up an automated system, so that will hopefully make things a lot easier down the line.


      1. No problem, that’s what I figured would happen after reading some of the above comments. I do appreciate the quick response though, have a good day and looking forward to tonight 🙂


    1. Eep, so you did, and so you…er…haven’t. Sorry about that! I just did the pull of subscribers again and made sure you were on it, you should be getting it shortly.

      Leaving this comment here as a testament to my fail


    1. Yep, still being written, there has just been a quite long gap since chapters have been released. Unlike web serials Beta Key doesn’t have a set schedule, instead chapters are simply released as they are completed.

      However, you have good timing, as the next chapter of Beta Key should be released some time this week!


  3. so is “eight years, five months, three days, two hours, one minute and one second” going to be how long it takes to finish this story, or what?


    1. Yuk yuk ^_^ sadly things have been a little crazy for me over these past few months, which has really impacted my writing all ’round. Health problems, moving, and having a baby have been the highlights, but at least none of them are going to permanently affect writing, so I should be back in business in a bit


    1. I intended to mention that I signed up for the Patreon method, as I already have a few other authors on there. :0) Loved Twisted Cog, and starting to love Beta Key


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